beautiful organic garden

On this page we will point you toward organic gardening articles, so you will more easily find them.

We realize there are many many aspects to a good organic garden:  placement, hardscape, major plantings, etc.  They all rest upon soil which we work to heal and enrich in a natural way.  So on this page you will find a bit of an outline which we hope to fill in with our blogs over time.   And you can always check by tags 🙂  Some of these areas have nubbins, some are still in the authors' heads.

The basis of it all:  the soil.  Look for soil testing, vermicomposting, vermiculture, composting and soil amendments.

Where should the garden go and what should be considered?  Slope, wind patterns, sunlight and shade, micro-climates, air and water and much more.

Mulching and cover crops are another area of discussion.

How should the garden be designed considers all the above and begins to develop the hardscape and large features (such as trees, windbreaks, etc.).  Also be sure to check out our section on ponds and water gardening.  Aquaponics and hydroponics will be there, also.

Once laid out one can decide where to plant what:  banks of flowers, bands of veggies and other great things.   The way one does this varies from place to place, so we have a generous sprinkling of geographically related articles.  As time passes we hope to look at some of the variations on themes... raised beds, intensive plots, and such.  We will also be adding the handling of some unique plants along the way.

If you have a special interest in any of these areas, consider joining us with a guest blog or three!


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