Things which have a specific geographical area relationship are noted here:

Around the USA

From Maine to Hawaii and places in between, the variety of "American" gardens will amaze you.  Also the many creative answers to challenges in various area may help answer a question you have at your place!


Louisiana  (and living with Gulf State hurricanes)



We hope to hear more about the unique plants and growing methods to be found, meanwhile here is one person's answer to "no space to garden".


Our friends in England have a long cherished history of fine gardening and we are learning a great deal from them.  From garden design to using allotments, it's all good 🙂


Our correspondent from India brings our attention to some of the problems big industrial agriculture has created.


A friendly first peek into the Irish gardens, hopefully there will be much more coming from the Emerald Isle with its "40 shades of green".


How local efforts and government agreement are helping farmers in Kenya move to an organic and sustainable model.


In the future we hope to learn much about common methods of gardening in Mexico, meanwhile, a couple of visits to one of the most famous gardens in the world.


Such an exotic name and place for many of us!  It is really interesting to find that good gardening practice has some common features everywhere.  Enjoy.

South Africa

Organic gardening is alive and well in South Africa.  Food riots were occurring, and home organic gardening might provide part of the answer.  Some "brain food" here 🙂


These geographical glimpses will continue to grow as folks around the world share their experiences and knowledge with us.  Do you have something to share?  We can only pay with a by-line and many smiles, but please feel free to send your idea to the editor !

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