windmills generating power

This page will help you to find articles on environmental issues more rapidly.

As organic gardeners, we find many environmental issues of major interest and explore some of them here.  Healing our own patch of the earth naturally opens us to interest in broader topics.  We DO try to avoid politically based viewpoints and activism, as many others cover them, some of which we will link to.  Many of the interests here are still in the authors' heads, but we will work to bring them to  you over time.

Alternative energy - wind, solar, hydro ... and what others might develop over the next few years?

GMO - genetic modifications are a major topic.   We will discuss some of the science, but link out to those who are involved in activism.

Permaculture is much broader than just our gardens.  We will be looking at some topics there, and try to learn from what others are doing.

Examples of problems in various places... we look at some of the problems which media seems to ignore. from folks who are living in the areas involved.

Diagram of Carbon Cycle

Courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Energy


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