Brain Food

Here we point to posts that specifically challenge your brain, feed your interest and curiosity about good / best practices, and look at some of the background science in good gardening.  Also take a look under GEOGRAPHICAL for some things that will thrill you and others that dismay you.

Musings from the editor will take a look at some of the larger issues in climate change and dealing with it.  The author is currently working on learning about permaculture and will share with all.

We are looking at the issues of AIR, WATER, ENERGY (especially sunlight), and SOIL.  You'll learn about them in our early emails to you, so sign up!  Then join in the discussions and keep an eye open for further posts.

In the column PLOT FOR CHANGE , Pam Cornish, an environmental toxicologist, planned to answer questions and pose intriguing ideas.  Regretfully, she has not been able to join us as we reopen.  We hope she will return soon 🙂

We also have a brief discussion of the Psychological Benefits of Organic Gardening.  Take a look, take action, and enjoy!


Do you have some brain food to share?  Unpaid guest posts are reviewed and welcomed... just email you idea to the editor !

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