Writing with us – media “kit”

Would you like to write with us about gardens?  We'd be very happy to hear from you.  At this point we are all volunteers and are not able to pay for guest posts, but we do have some requirements.

1) Your material should meet the general attitude of our site:  organic, sustainable, and to some degree in line with permaculture.  We want an attitude of healing the planet, encouraging good practices, and great food that is healthy.

2) It must be well written, and you must be willing to be edited.  It must be original and pass Copy-scape testing.  We are working to keep the material intellectually interesting, truthful, and yet at an FK of 8.0 or below.

3)  You need not be the one to respond to comments on your posts, unless you wish to be.  At all times there must be kindly consideration shown, by commentators and by responders.  We look to catch flies with honey, not vinegar 😉

4)  If you become a regular contributor, we'd hope you would join us in an occasional hangout on Google, to discuss where we've been and where we're going, and to brainstorm.  The goal is to share in the effort as a TEAM.

5)  Photographs are welcome as part of your submission.  If you cannot take photographs, any submitted pictures must be in compliance with copyright laws of the USA. If that requires an attribution (such as Flicker), we need to know that.  DO NOT assume any pictures on the web can freely be used.

6) WHERE TO PITCH... to Anne Boyes, Editor at


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