Originally this was to be simply a small site about organic gardening in shady sites.  Over time we have found many interesting people with many great ideas, so the views from Fern Valley are about many areas of gardening (organically) in many areas, with an emphasis on shade.

We have also found different geographical areas and folks to tell us about those areas,  who are physically present where the issues are found.

And finally, we have been hearing about things which we believe would be of concern to organic gardeners, and have begun to add some of that material.

Hope you enjoy it!

Please use comments to suggest topics that interest you, or other suggestions 🙂

We will be sending around an email as we update things, and hope to add a newsletter in the future.

Keep those hands in the dirt! and visit often 🙂


Current writers include:

Anne BoyesAnne Boyes. Editor :  has tried to develop her own combination of sustainable aspects in her life:  geothermal heating/cooling; solar panels for 10Kw of electricity; and lots of work in the soil on her rocky home site.  She can be reached at and also runs our FaceBook Page, Pinterest board and our Google+ Page    After two years of being 'out of commission' for health reasons, she finds her yard in total disrepair and disaster.  She will be doing a column on how it gets reclaimed, from a wheelchair, with the main help being her octogenarian better half.




Christina Boyes is an avid gardener with a passion for food and culture. Her graduate studies in conflict resolution convinced heChristina Boyesr that there are two activities which encourage community-oriented behavior - gardening and eating. Although currently trapped in a high rise with no patio, she has previously built, maintained, and enjoyed a raised-bed lasagna garden and container gardens, and hopes to resume actively getting her hands dirty in the coming year.
She is versed in gardening techniques used in Russia, Haiti, Mexico and the United States.  She can be reached at "Christina" where the domain is ""



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